vendredi 21 avril 2017

THE ORWELLS - Terrible Human Beings (2017)

1 They put a body in the bayou
2 Fry
3 Creatures
4 Vacation
5 Black Francis
6 M.A.D.
7 Buddy
8 Hippie soldier
9 Heavy head
10 Body reprise
11 Ring pop
12 Last call (go home)
13 Double feature


SOFT KILL - Heresy (2015)

1 Grandview
2 Vilent mind
3 Hit the floor
4 Selfish love
5 Current
6 Heresy


CLAP IN YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH ! - The Tourist (2017)

1 The pilot
2 A chance to cure
3 Dawn (is where I want to be)
4 Unfolding above celibate (Los Angeles Nursery rhyme)
5 Better off
6 Fireproof
7 The vanity of trying
8 Love ends
9 Ambulance chaser
10 Visiting hours


BLUE ORCHIDS - The Once and Future Thing (2015)

1 A good day to live
2 Jam today
3 Feather from the sea
4 Motorway
5 Rosy hours
6 August Rebels
7 Whisky burn
8 Iron tree
9 Running blind
10 Road to Perilous
11 Groundhog life


WIRE - Silver/Lead (2017)

1 Playing harp for the fisches
2 Short elevated period
3 Diamonds in cups
4 Forever & a day
5 An alibi
6 Sonic lens
7 This time
8 Brio
9 Sleep on the wing
10 Siver/Lead


SPOON - Hot Thoughts (2017)

1 Hot thoughts
2 WhisperI'lllistentoheart
3 Do I have to talk you into it
4 First caress
5 Pink up
6 Can I sit next to you
7 I ain't the one
8 Tear it down
9 Shogun
10 US?


samedi 4 mars 2017

MODERN ENGLISH - Take Me To The Trees

1.You're corrupt
4.Something 's going on
5.Dark cloud
6.Sweet revenge
7.I feel small
8.Come out of your hole
9.Flood of light
10.It don't seem right


DEUX FURIEUSES - Track of Wire (2017)

1.Can we talk about this ?
2.Now you're gonna listen
3.Are you sexy enough ?
4.Get nowhere
5.Dream of change
6.Kill US
7.The party of Shaitaan
9.Out of my system
10.I want my life back
11.From fear to fury


MECANO - Unlimited (2017)

1.Spiral of destruction
2.Serialized city
3.The escapist
4.Waterloo sunset
5.Sentimental strut blues
6.Spurs of Byron
8.All suits one case
9.Statement of the artist as an old man
10.Some say unwillingly (For Beatrice)


CRACK CLOUD - Crack Cloud (2015)

1.More of what
2.Drab measure
3.Time unsubsidized
5.Bastard basket
6.Lack of lack

Art Punk, Calgary
Reference:Gang of Four


MOTORAMA - Dialogues (2017)

1.Hard times
2.Tell me
5.Above the clouds
6.I see you
8.Someone is missed
10.By your side


mardi 7 février 2017

PILL - Convenience (2016)

1.60 sec
2.Which is true
3.My rights
4.Fetish queen
5.Deas boys
7.100% cute
8.Sex with Santa
9.Speaking up
11.Love and other liquids


FRUSTATION - Empire of Shame (2016)

1.Dreams laws right and duty
2.Just wanna hide
4.Empire of shame
5.Arrows of arrogance
6.Mother eart in rags
7.Cause you ran away
8.Even with the pills
9.Minimal wife
10.No place


FEELIES - Here Before (2011)

1.Nobody Knows
2.Should be gone
3.Again today
4.When you know
5.Later on
6.Way down
7.Morning comes
8.Change your mind
9.Here before
10.Time is right
11.Bluer skies
12.On and on
13.So far


EAGULLS - Ullage (2016)

1.Head or tails
3.My life in rewind
11.White lie lullabies


CLOUND NOTHINGS - Life Without Sound (2017)

1.Up to the surface
2.Things are night with you
3.Internal world
4;Darkened rings
5 Enter entirely
6.Moder act
7.Sight unseen
8.Strange year
9.Realize my fate


vendredi 13 janvier 2017

THE STRANGLERS - Ironworks, Inverness, Scotland 2016-03-04

Ad Nauseam,Post punk,Punk

1 Intro - Tank
2 Nice'n'Sleazy
3 Outside Tokyo
4 Hey! Rise of the Robots
5 Sweden (All Quiet on the Eastern Front)
6 Toiler on the Sea
7 Curfew
8 Threatened
9 In a Shadows
10 Do you Wanna - Death and Night and Blood (Yukio)
11 Enough Time
12 Grip
13 Walk on By
14 Dead Ringer
15 Mercury Rising
16 I've been Wild
17 Princess of the Streets (false start)
18 Always the Sun
19 A Soldier's Diary
20 Thrown Away
21 Relentless
22 I Feel a Wog
23 Something Better Change
24 -encore- Peaches
25 Hanging Around
26 -encore 2- Go Buddy Go
27 No More Heroes

PJ HARVEY - Rockhal, Luxembourg 2016-10-18

Bootleg Post punk Live Rock Alternatif

1 Chains of Keys
2 The Ministry of Defence
3 The Community of Hope
4 The Orange Monkey
5 A Line in the Sand
6 Let England Shake
7 The Words that Maketh Murder
8 The Glorious Land
9 Medicinals
10 When Under Ether
11 Dollar, Dollar
12 The Devil
13 The Wheel
14 The Ministry of Affairs Social
15 50ft Queenie
16 Down by the Water - band introduction
17 To Bring you my Love
18 River Anacostia - encore
19 Near The Memorial to Vietnam and Lincoln
20 Written on the Forehead


mardi 10 janvier 2017

THE MOB-The Acheron, Brooklyn, NY, 7 april 2016

Punk, Post Punk

1.What's Going On
2.Shuffling Souls
3.Cry of the Morning
4.Dance on (You Fool)
5.Our Life Our World
6.Raised in a Prison
7.Rise Up !
8.I Wish
9.The Mirror Breaks
10.Another Day Another Death
11.Witch Unt
12.No Doves Fly Here
13.Gates of Hell
14.Never Understood
15.Another Day Another Death